2, Ghatak Rd., Kanchrapara, Opp Express Bazzar

Career Counselling Seminar

1 Sep 2019
Express Bazar, Kanchrapara
In this modern era of fast paced society we often take hasty decisions while choosing our career, which eventually costs us heavy in the long run ! Considering the need of the moment Institute of Professional Studies (iPS) organized a career counselling session which would help the students choose their career effectively & wisely ! So, we must get to know, what career counselling is all about !
Career Counselling is the process through which one can understand one’s own self and the world around him/her to be able to chalk out a career path by making an informed decision around the same. Through Career Counselling, a student might overcome the uncertainties around his/her career, the lack of knowledge on the same and come closer to fulfilling his/her dreams.
Career choice depends on various factors ! ranging from your strengths to your weaknesses, from your stream to your co-curriculars ! It's necessary we choose a career on the basis of our own likings, else; it would become quite uninteresting for the student. These seminars helps them to choose their choiceful career out of millions of oppurtunies available !
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